VFA - Valter Fissamber and Associates Ltd  is a study and research firm established in 1993. Our main clients are the European Commission and the Greek public sector. VFA Ltd is highly experienced in  the   evaluation of Community initiatives, policies and projects as well as in the elaboration of policy proposals,  consultancy  and project management and implementation.

The studies and consultation the firm undertakes cover the following fields:

  • Labour market, (un)employment
  • Vocational education and training
  • Social exclusion, equal opportunities
  • Development of entrepreneurship, third sector development
  • Regional and rural development
  • Impact assessment of energy and environmental policies.


The associates and staff of VFA are highly experienced in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Community programmes and policies. VFA has participated in several research and evaluation projects  in the context of European  Programmes and Initiatives, such as: LEONARDO, ADAPT, POVERTY III, NOW, SOCRATES, SAVE, etc. on behalf of the following institutions and Directorates General  of the European Commission: CEDEFOP, DG Employment and Social Affairs , DG Agriculture, DG Environment, DG Regional Policy, DG Energy and Transport and DG Education and Culture.


English, German, French and Greek.


VFA- Valter Fissamber and Associates Ltd. is a full member of

  • EURONET - WORK AND EDUCATION: all members of the network are organizations highly  experienced in research and transfer activities with regard to fields, issues and policies in areas such areas as vocational training, labour market, work organization, entrepreneurship, women and work, equal opportunities etc. Members of the network are fifteen organizations from 14 EU member states. All are self-supporting and independent, maintaining links with universities or are university research institute.
  • CIRETOQ (Circle on Trends in Occupations and Qualifications in the European Union). The network was founded by CEDEFOP and its main aim is the promotion of the research on vocational training and labour market trends.

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